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Please register today! To start your next successful fundraising campaign with the People Coupons for Pets ...

In these days of economic uncertainty, fundraising efforts of "other directed" nonprofit organizations can be easily overshadowed by lifestyle changing events. Now, more than ever, prominent organizations such as yours need to explore creative ways to develop cash-flow due to increasing demands on your time and financial resources. One proven vehicle for generating enthusiasm for fundraising campaigns is the discount coupon book.

CouPETs, has developed People Coupons for Pets, a discount coupon book filled with hundreds of coupons worth thousands of dollars in savings. The coupons are specifically geared to pet products and services. These "People Coupons for Pets" are accessed by logging-in to our web site, and will print using home computers. Sales booklets containing pre-paid access tickets will be available for your purchase. The tickets will allow you to sell access to the People Coupons for Pets to donors at a very substantial profit. Coupons are redeemable at retail stores, by phone, through mail order, and the Internet.

Here is how it works:

1. Fill out the form below with your organization's information

2. We will contact you with more details about how to use the online People Coupons for Pets for your fundraising effort.

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After you submit this form, we will contact you via e-mail with details of the People Coupons for Pets Fundraising Program. The information will include how the program works, cost, and funds generation potential. Thank you.
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People Coupons for Pets

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