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People Coupons for Pets

Register Today. It's Quick and Easy... and your cost to participate with a coupon is FREE!

The pet products and services industry, represented by prominent companies such as yours, helps weave a sense of unity into the fabric of everyday American life. Our pets contribute so much to peace of mind and togetherness, that it is no wonder they are considered part of the family.

Pet Owners will be able to access coupons online when they purchase the "book" from a fundraiser, or are given the privilege to access the coupons as part of their third-party club member benefits program.

Your coupon in People Coupons for Pets makes a statement that you care on several levels. For nonprofit organizations in need of successful fundraising efforts, your participation is a valuable asset to help persuade individuals to donate to a deserving cause. For the individual donor, your company's name recognition and quality pet products/services provide the essential element of perceived value, so necessary for them to contribute. In addition to fundraisers who will sell access to the online coupons, many members of pet clubs and other bundled benefits programs will also have access to the online People Coupons for Pets Book. Your target audience is delivered to you at no cost!

Kindly provide us with your intent to participate by submitting your information in the form below. The online People Coupons for Pets Book will give your coupons exposure to consumers with an interest in your products and services. Your coupons will be accessed online and printed by pet owners using their personal computers.

At times we will print special sponsored editions of the People Coupons for Pets that will be an actual physical book. You will be notified and asked if you want to participate in these special editions... this too, is free to you.

This opportunity is available to pet product manufacturers and pet service providers at no cost - Free!

Here is how it works:

  1. Fill-out & submit the advertiser form below. Your approval notice will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours.
  2. Create your coupon in our "Back Office" using our coupon templates, or have a custom coupon designed for the People Coupons for Pets Book. We can assist you with the development of your coupon(s).
  3. Once approved, your coupon(s) will appear in the online National Pet Coupon Book.

Please note: Coupons for products and/or services must be nationally redeemable either through a retail store, mail order, phone order, or the Internet.
Coupons for Live Animals are not acceptable until further notice.

* Required Field

Title First Name * Last Name * Suffix
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Username & Password fields are limited to ten (10) characters, either letters or numbers. No spaces & no other characters, e.g. #, $, *, _.
Please create your Username and Password which will be used to gain access to your coupon management back office.


This Application may be refused or revoked by the Publisher based on Publisher's sole and absolute discretion including but not limited to any material which may be false, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable or which may violate any rule, ordinance, law, regulation or ruling including that of the Federal Trade Commission.

We have developed guidelines for participant acceptance based on the requirements of fundraisers and benefit plan companies and ultimately respect their needs in this regard. With this in mind, we realize not all companies that apply to be participants will be provided with a coupon placement. This decision is not a value judgment of your company but rather a finding that its scope falls outside the parameters of our guidelines.

Several factors determine if an advertiser qualifies as a participant in the People Coupons for Pets Book.

  1. The product or service offered must be available nationwide or meet this criteria substantially.
  2. The product or service should be directly beneficial and/or useable by the pet.
  3. Internet retailers must be a manufacturer of pet-related products or originators of the offered pet service. Internet retailers representing products other than those it manufacturers must display substantial breadth and depth to its product line.
  4. Products or services represented by the coupon must not cause harm to any animal or its environment or be found to be objectionable to any fundraising organization.
  5. Other factors may apply at the sole discretion of CouPETs

Thank you for your interest in the first People Coupons for Pets. We look forward to much success and certainly appreciate the opportunity of having your company as one of our participants.

Earth's Balance

1-800 PET FOOD


PinnacleOne Pet Products


Dog  Zzz's  Bedding  &  Headboards

Heritage Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn

Concepts for Pets

Kitty Tease cat toy/exerciser


McCauley Bros. Inc.

Vo-Toys, Inc.

Kozy K-9, Inc.

Pet Tech, Inc.

CouPETs National Pet Coupon Book

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